No More Nuclear Power Plants! –60,000 people rallied at Meiji Park, Tokyo– by Tada Shigemasa

On September 19, Meiji Park of Tokyo was overcrowded with the participants in the “50,000 People’s Rally: Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants.” The rally was convened by a group of prominent personalities, including Kamata Satoshi (documentary writer), Oe Kenzaburo (novelist), Uchihashi Katsuto (economic analyst), Ochiai Keiko (writer) and others.
Meiji Park was packed full to overflowing with people. According to the organizer, about 60,000 people gathered, the record number in recent years among similar rallies held in this park.
Mr. Uchihashi said, “Now, a new safety myth is emerging, claiming that if technology advances, safe nuclear power stations would be possible. But what we need is not nuclear energy, but a country where the energy of people’s lives will shine brilliantly.” Ms. Ochiai stressed, “Children cannot choose in which country they will be born. We must not carry on such a society where small children cry out in tears, ‘Don’t come, radiation.”
More than 1,500 members of staff/members of Min-Iren hospitals/clinics and Kyodososhiki joined from all over the country. Ms. Sato Masako, member of Tokyo Hokuto Medical Cooperative said, “The media hardly ever report the movement against nuclear power in Japan. Having attracted such a large number of people, this rally should receive good media coverage.” A nurse from a home-visit nursing station in Nagano joined the rally with her child. She said, “I am really amazed at the vast number of people rallying here. I have brought my child to experience this rally together.”